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FW Murphy L150/EL150 Liquid Level Switchgage

The L150 Series Level Swichgage® instrument is a combination liquid level gage and low-limit switch; each unit includes (1) a chamber with pivotal float, (2) an indicating dial with pointer and (3) a low-level contact.

When properly installed and maintained, the float operates the pointer which, in turn, both indicates level during normal operation and closes a switching circuit if the level falls to the low-limit set point.

FW Murphy L150/EL150 Liquid Level Switchgage


Process Connection:
2” NPT (MLS-020); 1-1/2” NPT (MLS-015)
Fluid Density (SG):
0.50 MIN (no extension)
0.65 MIN (1 inch extension)
Pressure Rating:
2000 psig (13.8 MPa) [138 bar]
ASTM A351 CF8 (304 SS)
ASTM A351 CF8 (304 SS


  • Monitors Level of Coolant, Lube Oil, Diesel Fuel And Hydraulic Fluid.
  • Indicating Gauge
  • Low Limit Switch
  • Float Operated