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Presenting the next generation of FW Murphy Power Ignition (MPI), the IntelliSpark product line is an array of advanced instruments designed to maximize the power and efficiency of industrial spark-ignited natural gas-powered engines.

Each component, from advanced microprocessor-based controllers to the smallest sensor, provides operators with more information, control, and authority of their engine and driver applications. 

The IntelliSpark controllers, while similar to the MPI, come with a next generation user interface that provides the user with an intelligent view of engine operation, while increased programming and diagnostic capabilities give users ultimate control. These controllers feature microprocessor, capacitive discharge functionality and multiple timing options for any application, providing cost-effective operation.



Power Requirements
IS-16/8: 10-30 VDC (12/24 VDC nominal) 3.0 Amps max
Temperature Operating Range
–20° to +70° C
CSA Certified for Class I, Div 2, Groups B, C, D
Maximum Output Current Pulse Rating
40 Amps


  • Crankshaft-referenced 16-bit microprocessor based system
  • Patented Smart Coil technology
  • Automatic energy control
  • Five timing reference options including camless operation
  • Two field-adjustable timing schedules
  • Optimized engine combustion and performance
  • True primary and secondary diagnostics