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For over 70 years, FW Murphy has been providing hundreds of products suitable for Western Canadian industry applications, such as engine/motor driven pump/compressor controls and instrumentation.

 FW Murphy's products can monitor, control, measure, and/or alert operators based on measurement indicators such as pressure, temperature, liquid level, speed, and vibration. 

We carry a large local inventory of many general purpose and CSA hazardous area approved Murphy temperature products such as the 20T, A20T and 45TE Swichgage® instruments and the TDX6 and TDXM temperature scanner/pyrometers. Murphy's instruments are designed to last in a variety of applications including marine, construction and trucking, oil and gas service, and many others.

Murphy's temperature products are available through Spartan and come in a variety of sizes, with options and features for different sizes, temperature ranges, alarms, gage contacts, and sensing bulbs. Contact a Engine & Compression Solutions representative today for more information on sizing and other features or products.