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AMS Asset Monitor
Time to Start Thinking INSIDE the Box

Time to Start Thinking INSIDE the Box

Installation costs and complexity have kept continuous online monitoring reserved for the most critical assets in the plant. Understanding vibration data from those systems required specific expertise. And combining that data with process data was reserved for the control room.


With the AMS Asset Monitor, innovation for monitoring balance of plant (BOP) assets isn’t out-of-the-box thinking – it’s thinking about what is INSIDE the box. The AMS Asset Monitor is an edge analytics device utilizing CHARMs-based technology to collect both vibration and process data from BOP assets. It applies embedded auto analytics to alert personnel to the most common faults associated with a wide range of assets. Operations, Process and Reliability staff can all assist in monitoring plant assets.

Anyone, Anywhere

With the IP address and a mobile device, anyone can look at asset health from anywhere.

Expand the Team

More of your existing team will have visibility and a diagnosis of the problem.

Small Footprint

Smaller and light-weight for field mounting, fewer cables, and no additional server.
Introducing the AMS Asset Monitor
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Introducing the AMS Asset Monitor

John Turner Demonstrates how the AMS