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09 24, 2015 Spartan Controls

Industrial Internet of Things InfographicThe Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the connection between the physical world of devices and machines that are used to measure and control industrial processes and the internet. Process industries such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation and more are being transformed as operators begin to harness the power of connectivity.

“The Industrial IoT trend can open doors for operators who are looking to lower costs, optimize their processes and increase their efficiency,” said Adam Strynadka of DeviceLynk. “By connecting mobile users to their field devices and machines, and providing them with actionable information such as equipment diagnostics, a reduction in unplanned downtime and improved performance becomes a reality.”

In times of economic uncertainty where operators are continually looking for ways to cut costs and increase profits, adopting solutions that can integrate the IIoT seamlessly and cost effectively is a must.

DeviceLynk, a tool that turns a dumb device into a smart remote asset in a plug-and-play form solves the challenge of retrofitting existing equipment. It easily connects to existing remote assets and integrates into a modern SMART Industrial Environment capable of connecting assets to people and systems anywhere in the organization.

“DeviceLynk delivers an IIoT set-up in months, not years,” said Strynadka in a recent Automation World article. “The companies currently using the products are seeing a return on investment in under a year.”

Industry Applications and Results

Industrial Gas: A large industrial gas supplier in Canada was looking to provide connectivity to air separation units at 27 key customer sites. Since no data communication existed, engineers had to fly or drive to site to monitor and re-program the PLCs controlling the units. Each site operated independently, with no common platform to view data from multiple customer sites at the same time. The result was inefficient, expensive operation. 

With the implementation of DeviceLynk Smart Gizmos, IoT services and Lynk Security software the client was able to:

  • Cut costs dramatically in respect to air and ground travel
  • Save valuable time and engineer resources
  • Provide faster service time to customers
  • Gain visibility into real-time data and better decision making abilities

Read more about this industry use case.

Municipal Water: a municipality in Western Canada was looking to connect 20 remote water lift and pump stations to an existing HMI system. Data was previously communicated over leased telephone lines, using end of life Motorola MOSCAD hardware. The result was a slow and unreliable connection with high infrastructure maintenance costs, and incomplete, gap-filled data. Maintaining leased telephone lines and making programming changes required lengthy trips to each remote site, in harsh, snowy conditions. 

With the quick implementation of a low cost solution featuring DeviceLynk Smart Gizmos, Device Driver Bundle and Lynk Security software the client:

  • Reduce travel costs and saved time
  • Was able to view a complete historical picture with no missing data
  • Had a real-time view of remote sites
  • Received improved communication reliability and bandwidth

More information about DeviceLynk.

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