The Rosemount 2160 Field Communication Unit is Retiring

10 08, 2015 Spartan Controls

Rosemount 2160After many years of reliable service, Emerson Process Management has announced the retirement of the 2160 Field Communication Unit for tank gauging.

In its place comes the powerful Rosemount 2460 System Hub, a data concentrator that transfers tank gauging data from a group of tanks to a TankMaster and/or Host/DCS.

Scalable for all system sizes and with the ability to serve up to 64 tanks, the 2460 ensures fast data update rates, provides flexible and configurable multi-port connectivity, and most importantly, is future proof.

2460 System Hub features include:

  • Collects data continuously from field equipment, improving update rates from field equipment.
  • Measured and calculated data (observed density/volume)
  • Replaces FCU 2160 (supports FCU 2160 register mapping – easy to upgrade 2160 to 2460 without changes in the Host/DCS side)
  • Easy upgrades by start code and plug-in boards
  • Certifications:
    • CE mark: complies with applicable EU directives (EMC/LVD)
    • Ordinary Location (CSA), USA and Canada
    • OIML R 85 2008

For more information about the retirement of the 2160 contact Spartan.

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