Spot the 10 Differences - The Winner Is...

11 23, 2015 Spartan Controls

Thank you to everyone who participated in our challenge. The lucky winner of the iPad has been contacted by e-mail!

If you couldn't find them all, the 10 differences are circled in yellow below.


  1. +24VDC and OVDC switched at TS1
  2. Missing Jumper at TS3-28 to TS3-30
  3. Resistor is missing at MVS card
  4. Display wires moved a spot to the left at FB107
  5. Ground wire is not connected to ground lug
  6. Relay deca fixes are missing
  7. No Voltage switch jumper at power supply
  8. Extra jumper at TS3-6 to 8
  9. Diode is missing at TS3-22, 23
  10. MVS card is in wrong slot

As many have seen through this contest, there are numerous details and quality control checks that need to be made on a panel, or any other packaging project that comes through Spartech Manufacturing. These items can be easily missed or overlooked. At Spartech, we take great pride in our attention to detail and our high standards of quality.

Some areas that our technicians ensure they go above and beyond regular expectations when building cabinets include:

  1. Every customer is our most important customer, no matter that size or scope of the project.
  2. Technicians work with customers on issues and improvements to each project.
  3. Consistency is maintained across the shop through Spartech’s Standards and Procedures manual.
  4. Digital photos of every project are kept in our database, allowing us to maintain consistency on future projects.
  5. “Good enough” is not in our vocabulary. Only the highest quality products will leave our shop.
  6. A “Proudly Built By” form is signed off by the individuals that did work on a specific project.
  7. All of our panels leave the shop looking clean and world-class.

For more information about Spartech Manufacturing click here.

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