Spartan Controls now offering the Roxar Sand Monitor

11 18, 2015 Spartan Controls

Roxar Sand MonitorSpartan is proud to announce that it has added the Roxar Sand Monitor to its full breadth of process automation technologies.

This non-intrusive device utilizes the acoustic noise generated by sand particles impacting the inner surface of the production pipework to identify and calculate real-time sand production in any water, oil, gas, or multi-phase pipeline flow.

The Roxar monitors are compact, designed for easy installation, minimal maintenance, and do not require a PC or laptop for daily use. This unique technology offers a cost effective means for operators to optimize production by enabling determination of maximum sand-free rates or maximum acceptable sand production rates.

For more information or to inquire about a Roxar Sand monitor contact your local Spartan office.

Roxar technologies provide unmatched reliability in even the harshest environments. This video highlights the sand monitor’s features in a sub-sea application, but the same principles and reliability features are present when the monitor is used in land applications.

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