Regulator Toolkit Version 8.0 Now Available for Download

07 22, 2015 Spartan Controls

The new Regulator Toolkit Version 8.0 provides users with easier access to the documentation they need with improved document search and filter functionality. Users will also find new tools, like the Gas Regulator Sizing Program and Animations, and improvements to existing tools.

What's New

  • Document Search: Allows users to filter literature and view which documents have already been downloaded.
  • Calculator: Includes a new Gas Conversion calculator, so users can calculate standard cubic feet per hour.
  • Sales Office Locator: Links to our online sales office locator.
  • Gas Regulator Sizing Program: Assist users in sizing a regulator application, including monitor sizing and noise attenuation prediction calculations.
  • Regulator Selection Wizard: Includes new products.
  • CAD Drawings: Links to our online CAD drawing
  • Animations: This new feature allows users to view our product and application animations.
  • Video Library: Links to our YouTube page.

What you will find:

  • Redesigned interface
  • Document search filters
  • Quicker update wizard program
  • Product and application animations
  • Link to CAD drawings
  • Unit Conversion Calculator
  • Sales Office Locator
  • Gas Regulator Sizing Program
  • Regulator Selection Wizard
  • Link to online video library
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