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12 18, 2015 Spartan Controls

Proven technology can achieve annual emission reductions of 15 megatonnes

With recent and increasing attention on climate leadership, the energy industry is looking to technology to help reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG). Proven and “implementation ready” technology innovations from Spartan Controls can reach emissions reductions of at least 15 megatonnes (Mt) annually in Western Canada.

Based on the recent Paris Climate Conference, this has the potential to contribute as much as seven per cent of Canada’s 2030 commitment of emission reductions. Higher adoption rates and more innovative climate leadership investments from Spartan are expected to further increase the contribution opportunity.

Spartan Controls is already demonstrating substantial climate technology leadership in multiple areas. “Implementation ready” technologies in natural gas compression, low bleed and no bleed instrumentation and application of advanced control solutions in the oil sands, upstream oil and gas and several other process industries are used to reduce energy and emissions, while improving operational efficiency and reliability. This installed technology is reducing 1 Mt of emissions annually for Spartan customers (translating to 200,000 less vehicles on the road).

In the area of natural gas compression, Spartan’s patented REMVue® and SlipStream® technology is currently removing a total of 650,000 tonnes of CO2(e) annually. Much of the GHG emissions in the conventional oil and gas industry are produced during combustion of fuel in natural gas engines and through venting, flaring and fugitive sources. Spartan’s REMVue® and SlipStream® solutions reduce emissions from both sources by increasing fuel efficiency of natural gas compressor engines and capturing vented methane. This methane is then used as a supplementary fuel source. Additionally, this Spartan technology sets the benchmark for lowest abatement costs for GHG reductions in the industry.

The Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) has placed an important emphasis on reducing GHG emissions and cites SlipStream® for its technology leadership. The Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) has also placed substantial emphasis on GHG reduction. As a funding partner, proven results and case studies using REMVue® and SlipStream® have been published by CCEMC by several leading companies that include Cenovus Energy, Encana and ConocoPhillips.

“A target of 15 Mt in annual reductions from our technology is quite achievable,” said Grant Wilde, P. Eng., and executive sponsor at Spartan for climate leadership initiatives. “This is possible if emerging government climate policies follow through on effective incentives for these types of technology innovations, and companies plan and implement methodical long term programs.”

With many examples already proven by leading associations and companies, Spartan is “implementation ready” to help its customers achieve climate leadership, while also reducing their costs and increasing production efficiencies.

For further information on REMVue® air/fuel ratio and SlipStream® technology, please contact:

Cam Dowler 
Spartan Controls
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