Injection Controller Application

08 27, 2014

FB107 Application SoftwareHOUSTON, TEXAS (August 27, 2014) – The new Injection Control Application designed for the FloBoss™107 flow computer and ROC800-Series remote operations controller accurately measures and controls water or steam delivered to injection wells.

The Injection Controller Application replaces PLC programming with a simple, configurable interface, helping to reduce commissioning effort and cost.

When flow is measured and controlled at an injection manifold, the ROC800 can support multiple injection streams.  An integral wireless gateway allows remote wellhead pressure measurements to be easily incorporated in the control scheme. Alternatively, the FloBoss 107 measures and controls flow at the wellhead. 

The application’s configurable dual objective control feature fulfills common injection control requirements such as flow rate target with wellhead pressure override, while also facilitating complex control strategies. Water or steam plant “start up” sequences are simplified by the application’s “no flow” valve pre-positioning feature.

The injection control application is SCADA-ready and supports multiple streams. The FloBoss 107 supports up to four streams while the ROC800 supports up to 25 streams. The application accumulates hourly, daily, and monthly values for all parameters on each flow stream and the values of the flow stream can be retained in the controllers for up to 35 days. These features give superior visibility to injection configuration, status and history.

Learn more about the Injection Control Application and other remote automation solutions from Emerson Process Management at and by contacting your local sales office.

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