Emersons latest DVCs have logged more than 1 billion hours

03 12, 2014

DVC 6200The FIELDVUE DVC6200 Series digital valve controller has racked up more than 1 billion hours of on-line use within the process and energy industries since its 2010 introduction.

Steve Hagen, FIELDVUE Product Manager, credited the instrument’s linkage-less, non-contact feedback system as one reason behind the quick adoption by industry and the1-billion operating hours. “We’ve eliminated physical contact between valve stem and the instrument, which means it can withstand the high levels of vibration and corrosion often found in process environments.”

Examples of how this technology helps solve operating problems:

China: At one of the world’s largest integrated chemical facilities, pipeline vibration that was destroying a steam service valve’s instrumentation. It wasn't feasible to change the process conditions or piping, so the valve positioner had to be replaced about every three months. The solution was to install a DVC6200f to take advantage of the unit’s resistance to high levels of vibration as well as its FOUNDATION fieldbus communications capability. The DVC performed accurately and reliably, saving $40,000/year in the cost of replacement instruments plus that of lost production and labour.

Australia: At an ammonium nitrate facility, liquid ammonia valves face high-cycle service conditions and a surrounding ammonia-rich atmosphere. Both factors combine to create one of the most severe environments to be found in any processing plant, which could lead to valve failures and lost production. DVC6200 digital valve controllers are highly suited to a wide variety of industries and applications, earning high praise from companies that employ its technology to improve plant availability.

United States: At a nuclear power plant, DVC6200 digital valve controllers were installed to avoid failure of critical control valves in the plant’s feedwater system. An unplanned shutdown in a plant of this station’s size could cost up to $1 million per day in lost revenue. The DVCs provide real-time information about valve position and condition, including variables such as valve packing friction. In one instance, this data alerted plant operators to a loss of packing in a feedwater regulator, avoiding a plant trip.

A costly shutdown was avoided when maintenance technicians injected sealant into the valve’s packing box to keep the valve in service until the next scheduled outage, almost 18 months away. Delaying repairs wouldn't have been possible without the FIELDVUE instrument. The DVC6200’s accurate friction monitoring and measurement kept the system stable while packing friction dropped from 500 pounds to zero during the sealant injection. The instrument’s fast response kept up with the changing friction load in spite of the valve’s heavy chatter, keeping the valve online.

In addition to the power industry, there are others such as pulp and paper and offshore oil production that typically prefer to isolate valve-mounted instruments from harsh environments. With the DVC6205, only the valve position feedback is mounted on the control valve, while the remainder of the digital valve controller can be mounted over 300 feet away in a less severe or more accessible environment. With no linkage to wear, loosen, corrode or vibrate, the feedback unit can withstand a plant’s operating extremes.

As shown by the DVC6200 Series' 1 billion operating hours, FIELDVUE digital valve controllers prove highly suited to challenging process requirements, including verification of safety shutdown systems, withstanding exposure to corrosive atmospheres, and meeting rigorous topside safety standards. The DVC6200 series is offered with CSA, IECEx, ATEX and FM hazardous area approvals as well as other certifications/approvals, such as Lloyd’s Register for industrial, marine and offshore use.

Visit www.FIELDVUE.com for more information or contact Spartan. Click here to see the DVC6200 product bulletin.

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