On-Site Asset Services

The objectives of operational excellence are clear. Maximize the lifecycle reliability and performance of a plant or asset to achieve maximum output, while simultaneously managing maintenance and operational costs – all in a safe manner. 

The challenge is bringing information from multiple, cross-discipline systems and equipment sources (systems, instrumentation, and machinery) together in a well-integrated manner. Spartan’s Maintenance, Reliability and Performance (MRP) services achieve the goal of integrating information and leveraging your technology.

Spartan harnesses the power of technology and optimal work processes to ensure the right information is delivered to the right people, enabling them to make the right decisions.

Spartan On-Site Asset Services deliver multi-discipline services and work processes that ‘bring it all together' in order to address issues faced by a plant’s management team as well as reliability and maintenance organizations.

For plants with expansion plans and multiple phases, Spartan On-site Asset Services work processes also facilitate the application of lessons learned, to ensure that improvements in plant reliability and performance are applied to subsequent project or expansion phases.

Spartan On-site Asset Services empower your people to consistently make the decisions that help you achieve operational excellence. 

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