Network Services

SecureCheck provides critical data 24/7/365 for real-time decisions. Preventing cyber attacks from hackers, worms, trojans and inadvertent misuse of automation and information systems is key in maintaining process uptime and production, while ensuring safe work conditions. In recent years, cyber security due diligence has become applicable to automation and information systems. Third-party review of network security systems and implementation of accepted best practices have expanded to include critical infrastructure like process control systems. The SecureCheck program consists of an in-depth review of policies, procedures, topologies and configurations for all systems within the production security area. An experienced industrial network analyst reviews the physical installation and system documentation and interviews maintenance and operations personnel. A detailed report provides recommendations to maintain and improve system security.


Our Customer’s critical infrastructure facility in Western Canada required a regulatory third party security audit of its industrial control networks and cyber security defenses.


Spartan provided design and implementation for major upgrades to the system networks, security installation, reporting, policy and procedures. Following these upgrades, the facility passed the security audit with top marks.

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