Control Loop Reliability

Process efficiency and production reliability are the largest source of lost revenue for the majority of plant operations. More than 75% of physical assets are under process control; however, 60-70% of all control loops under perform, and contribute to preventable losses. Many control loops demonstrate excessive process variability and some studies have shown that 40-50% of control loops are in manual control. The main reasons for this include poor loop health, tuning and control strategy design. Spartan’s LoopCheck™ audits and the Top 50™ Control Loop program deliver sustainable improvements in process reliability and performance. Our systematic methodology critically ranks the importance of control loop assets, identifies the linkages and effect on process reliability or performance, integrates technology for control loop health assessment and provides the expertise to execute plans for corrective action.


Plant operations lose millions of dollars in revenue each year due to under performing control loops.


Through the application of Spartan’s Top 50™ Control Loop reliability program, our Customer realized significant improvements in reliability and energy efficiency resulting in nearly $5 million in annual savings.

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