Ensuring your control system is installed and configured for optimum performance and reliability requires focus and expertise. Spartan is uniquely qualified to manage and support control room activities during commissioning and start-up of your DeltaV digital automation system. With over 100 control system professionals located across Western Canada, Spartan offers the largest team of DeltaV-focused experts available. Our extensive knowledge of DeltaV technology and architecture, coupled with continuous product training, extensive hands on plant experience, and direct access to factory expertise and support, ensure the best possible system start-up for your project. 


Managing the complex logistics associated with startup of a new control system is challenging. Engineering deviations, conflicting documentation, and reliance on the progress of related project scope constantly drive your deliverables towards critical path; impacting not only your time to first operation, but the long-term sustainability of your facility. 


Spartan’s DeltaV commissioning experts ensure your control system enters service ready to face the challenges of a 24/7 process facility. Your operations team takes control of a powerful automation platform, configured to industry-leading best practices, fully documented and ready to deliver safe, stable, flexible control while remaining expandable and easily supportable for the life of your facility.

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