Alarm Management

Unscheduled shutdowns cost the industry between two to five percent of production annually. A lack of an effective alarm management strategy has a direct and negative impact on plant operations, performance, safety and profitability. In heavy process industries, an emergency alarm that escalates into an incident can result in a shutdown. The automation industry is experiencing over $2 billion per year in equipment damage, which can be directly reduced by implementation of an effective alarm management strategy. Alarm management improvement programs are an important to minimize the number and impact of abnormal situations. Spartan has the experience and the tools to improve the safety and operability of your plant. Our AlarmCheck™ program is designed to increase your plant reliability through auditing, designing, implementing and sustaining an alarm management system.


A large, integrated pulp and paper mill was experiencing excessive process alarms that were causing unscheduled downtime. 


Spartan collaborated with mill personnel to design and implement an alarm management strategy. The result was a 50% reduction in nuisance alarms and an overall improvement in operator effectiveness, therefore reducing unscheduled downtime.

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