Digitally transform your process industry organization with a highly scalable, real-time data integration platform


Industry 4.0, is commonly referred to as the 4th industrial revolution.

It speaks to the ‘smart factory or plant’ of the future in which technology will be used to monitor the physical processes and make decentralized decisions. Process industry organizations are constrained by the data/application silos within their companies caused by inadequate integration between legacy IT & OT databases and platforms.

Today, large scale data connectivity, consolidation, and contextualization remain impediments to the adoption of Industry 4.0 and was a driver behind the development system:inmation. The system:inmation platform was created to eliminate the data/application silos within process industry organizations. It achieves this by securely and efficiently gathering and exposing data from all industrial and IT data sources within industrial organizations. In doing so, the interoperability, information transparency, and decentralized decision-making capabilities required by ‘smart factories’ under Industry 4.0 become possible.


  • A unified and scaleable, operational data infrastructure
  • Robust native connectivity to all OT data systems (DCS, PLCs, historians, etc)
  • Highly scalable & open data storage
  • Data ingestion of all types – real time & historical, alarms/events, ODBC, XML, text, files, TCP streams, etc
  • Native integration with enterprise IT cloud technologies
  • Advanced scripting capabilities
  • Powerful visualization tools

Proven Results

At some of the largest process industry organizations in the world, systems are installed which currently consolidate data from dozens of industrial operations globally. Hundreds of process control systems, industrial data historians, other critical operational data sources, and other critical plant data are consolidated in a single database. Millions of independent data streams are ingested by system:inmation in real-time without disturbing production OT systems. The read performance of these systems has been benchmarked at 50 – 100x that of traditional process data historians.

System:inmation helps enable the interoperability, information transparency, and decentralized decision-making capabilities required by ‘smart factories’ of the future under Industry 4.0.


Un-paralleled OT data connectivity without disrupting production level OT systems

Scalability – from very small to enterprise data consolidation

Straightforward integration to enterprise data-lake technologies

Centralized system management

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