Measurement Preventative Maintenance

Missing regulatory emissions requirements and inaccurate metering can result in both in outlay and lost revenue. Spartan offers regular maintenance programs designed to ensure high-end measurement, analytical systems and valves are functioning at peak performance. Our preventative maintenance programs are supported by certified test equipment, factory-certified manuals and software packages carried out by our expert field service technicians and tradespeople. 

Preventative maintenance options include;

  • Scheduled maintenance of truck/rail loading and unloading systems
  • Satellite well-testing systems (net oil computers) 
  • Regular maintenance of gas analyzers
  • Software agreement updates

The Challenge:

A customer utilizing a Spartan-developed truck unloading solution, was unaware configuration data entered was causing considerable error in the calculation of net oil and water volumes.

The Solution:

As part of a regular maintenance program, a Spartan technician discovered the problem and prevented a long-term error. The error in net oil was determined to be two cubic metres per day and was immediately corrected.

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