Outage Management

Turnaround planning tends to be very ‘on-off’ in nature which can severely limit the ability to implement lessons learned or improvements in subsequent outages. As as a result, the same work is performed on the same assets over and over, regardless of whether improvements or efficiencies are available. 

Spartan provides complete outage management support services for valve and instrument maintenance needs. We offer a complete suite of services to help our customers succeed in maintaining their schedule and budget for planned outages. 

These include: 

  • Outage planning support 
  • Scope optimization 
  • Logistics and execution support 
  • Schedule and cost management planning 
  • Supervision and quality control 
  • OEM certified repair capability – onsite and depot 
  • Ongoing improvement recommendations

The Challenge:

Unplanned outages characteristically pose significant risk to your facility and production. Outages are planned at regular intervals to perform in-depth maintenance to help sustain long term reliability gains and to help avoid unplanned shutdowns. However, outages typically are based on a fixed schedule window and budget, therefore unexpected findings can cause major delays and impact production.

The Solution:

A recent outage managed by an embedded Instrument Asset Specialist at a large upgrading facility resulted in a documented savings of $740,000 for our client. No expediting was necessary and the control valves were deemed to not be critical path.

Customer quote: “That went great, we want to do the same exact thing for our next turnaround.”
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