On Demand Service

Spartan Controls provides complete field services for all your valve and instrument products and solutions. Our team of highly trained, experienced instrumentation and relief valve professionals provide in-depth hands-on and field training to ensure factory training is combined with application knowledge for complete solution expertise.

Spartan has developed the most efficient and repeatable processes for supporting the products we supply. Our field service specialists and advisors can help you determine the best option for repairing your assets, whether in the field or at our Edmonton Automation Centre. 

Spartan Controls provides complete field services for all your valve and instrument products and solutions. We have factory trained, certified technicians available to help you with any problems you have for all the products we supply. Whether it’s a trouble call for demand field service, or a simple after hours parts shipment from our warehouse, Spartan’s service team can help. 

Spartan provides field service and startup assistance of;

  • Fisher control valves and instruments
  • EIM/Bettis/El-O-Matic actuated valves
  • ABSA regulated relief valves 
  • Micro Motion, Rosemount, Ametek Drexelbrook and Phase Dynamics measurement instruments

The Challenge:

Automated valves and instruments are sophisticated, intelligent devices comprised of sensitive electronics, complex materials and intricate designs. This complexity, coupled with a shortage of technical workers in the field, increases the risk of improper installation and maintenance of instrumentation assets.

The Solution:

We have a full team of technical specialists focused on specific product families to ensure they can provide the best support necessary for the products supplied. Fast response to field trouble calls with factory trained product specialists will help save you time and money in your operation.

Keeping your plant running is critical as a single process outage can cost thousands, if not millions of dollars per hour in lost production. Spartan’s on demand service complements our Customers' maintenance efforts by providing service support, technical support and troubleshooting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the select spare parts inventory in our regional centres, and extensive inventory of valves and actuators at our main Edmonton Automation Centre, augments supply chain operations and on-site inventory strategies.

The Challenge:

A Customer commissioned a SAGD well pad and discovered one of their main block valves was not functioning properly. The lead time on a replacement valve from the factory was several months, which would have prevented the well pad from being brought into service, incurring significant lost production costs.

The Solution:

Spartan’s valve automation team engaged with the Customer to understand their challenges, and leveraged our business system to quickly find the exact specifications of the valve and actuator assembly that was originally supplied. Our experts were able to source an exact replacement in stock in our Edmonton Automation Centre, automated and tested the unit, and send it via express courier to the Customer’s site. The well pad was started on time, preventing lost production.

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