Inventory Management

Maintaining an inventory of on-site spare parts involves a unique set of challenges. Experienced inventory professionals are difficult to recruit and retain, and proper storage space for automated valve assemblies are costly to construct and expensive to operate. Spartan’s Inventory Management Solutions complement our Customer's supply chain operations by maintaining part of valve and actuator inventory at our Edmonton Automation Centre. 


Resource constraints make it difficult to effectively maintain a reliable on-site inventory of critical automated valve spares. Automated valves assets can be difficult to locate, are either stored in expensive, on-site warehouses or outside in sub-optimal conditions and are not properly maintained while in storage.


Spartan’s Inventory Management Solutions allow our Customers to store automated valve assets in our Edmonton Automation Centre. These assets are available 24/7 through our shipping, receiving, and inventory floor team and are maintained in accordance with the strictest factory procedures, ensuring the health and reliability of your critical valve assets.

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