Boiler Optimization

Utilization of advanced process control aids in minimizing the disturbances of steam demand changes. 

Spartan can provide properly implemented automation solutions which can manipulate several process variables at the same time leading to a responsive steam header system that delivers consistent steam on-demand at the desired pressure. 

EIM manufactures dependable electric, high pressure/low pressure fluid powered and manual valve actuators to meet all industry needs.

Fisher Large ET control valves are used for either throttling or on-off control of a wide variety of liquids and gasses.
The FIELDVUE DVC6200 is a digital valve controller capable of operating using 4-20 mA, HART, Fieldbus, or Profibus communication protocols. The basis of its operation is the conversion of a control signal into a pneumatic output controlling valve position.

Using the highest quality materials and decades of design refinement, El-O-Matic™ actuators reliably and efficiently operate quarter-turn mechanisms. Extreme temperature and high cycle applications pose no problem for the robust design of El-O-Matic™ actuators.

With a strong reputation for reliability and quality, Keystone valves include resilient seated and high performance butterfly valves, are versatile and are available in various designs, configurations, and materials to match all specifications in marine, water, oil, gas, process, and other industries.
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VCI offers a complete line of ball valves including CSA approved valves, FM approved valves, hygienic valves, cryogenic valves, and seam valves. Years of development and refining allows VCI to offer only the very best product to the market.

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Virgo manufactures ball valves from 1/2" to 60" and in pressure classes ANSI 150 to 2500. The product line includes floating ball valves, trunnion mounted ball valves, metal seated ball valves, and high temperature and cryogenic valves in a wide range of materials.

The Fisher® Z500 is the first Fisher® severe service engineered on/off ball valve and is ideally suited for applications in the power, steam, mining, and coking industries.
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TopWorx is a global leader in valve monitoring and position sensing for all process industries.
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