Coker Drum Switching

Isolation valve misalignment within a coker plant can lead to significant incidents, resulting in millions of dollars of lost production. Spartan has developed a reliable solution for implementing interlocks in severe service electric actuator applications. The Bettis M2CP electric actuator (rebranded from EIM) with separate control module has proven itself as a great solution for high temperature/high vibration process applications, including those in which torque and position feedback are needed. The separate control module allows most of the electronics to be mounted in a separate enclosure, away from heat and vibration which allows for operators to stay out of the 'line of fire', reducing the risk to their health and safety.

 Our Customer was experiencing reliability issues with traditional electric actuators on their coker drain valves. This service is characterized by high vibration, extremely high temperature, and frequent seismic shock. The existing electric actuators were failing every 2 months. Spartan replaced the existing actuator with a high-vibration M2CP electric actuator with separate control module, delivering $1.2 million in annual savings. 

The Series 2000 electric valve actuator offers a wide range of frame sizes, horsepower ratings, and output speeds readily tailored to your specific applications.
The Fisher® Z500 is the first Fisher® severe service engineered on/off ball valve and is ideally suited for applications in the power, steam, mining, and coking industries.
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