Recaust Optimization

Spartan Controls' advanced recaust control and optimization strategy maximizes liquor strength while maintaining safe and stable operations. Real‐time liquor analysis is provided by combining conventional lab tests, Fourier Transform Near Infra Red (FT‐NIR) liquor analyzers, and conductivity measurements using an extended Kalman filter (EKF). The solution then uses those continuous measurements to employ a model-based multivariable control strategy with automated dynamic setpoints based on current operating conditions that ensure efficient operation at all times. Optimization of the recausticizing reaction reduces operating costs and improves overall stability throughout the recaust cycle.

Conventional slaker control strategies have been offered to industry in various forms, with limited scope, robustness, and performance. Spartan’s causticizing control strategy has unique capabilities that provide the end user with superior value from the following key features:

  • Recaust optimization continuously maximizes white liquor strength 
  • Rate of reaction control minimizes the impact of high frequency disturbances to green liquor quality and lime strength on white liquor quality
  • Flexible setpoint options allow operators to control the recaust process based on a target liquor effective alkali (EA) or causticizing efficiency (CE) 
  • Slaker and classifier temperature optimization improves lime dissolution and reactivity while ensuring safe and stable operation at all times by preventing boil-over conditions 
  • Continuous process unit modeling allows for the highest degree of accuracy in process control and real-time optimization 
  • The highly-customizable solution works with a wide variety of liquor analysis instrumentation by including FT-NIR liquor analyzers, lab tests, and real-time conductivity 
  • Real-time calculations based on reaction equilibrium, reaction kinetics, and lime supply strength allow for continuous unit insight and optimization under varying operating conditions

Spartan's provides integrated industry solutions and advanced services focused on improving our Customer's operational reliability, safety, and performance. Our team of experts are focused on improving operational performance and reliability by providing industry specific pre-packaged solutions that lower the cost and risk of deploying advanced technologies. Our goal is to support our you in generating quantifiable business results that can be sustained through the entire life-cycle of your plant.

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