Pulp Flow

Magnetic meters operating in high temperature and harsh environments often experience failures within weeks of installation, resulting in unplanned downtime. These failures create challenges in process control, as well as capital and labour costs associated with replacement.

Optimized for performance in the most difficult slurry applications, the 8707 High-Signal Sensor, used in conjunction with the 8712H High-Signal Transmitter, forms the Rosemount High-Signal Magnetic Flowmeter System. It provides stable flow measurement in the most difficult high-noise applications while maintaining the benefits of DC technology.

 Savings of $8,000 per flow tube resulting in $8-16K annual savings

Best-in-class performance coupled with advanced diagnostics provide unparalleled process management capabilities. With optional backlit local operator interface and configuration changes, adjustments can be accomplished even in hazardous locations without exposing the electronics to the environment.

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