Chlorine Dioxide Generator Optimization

Effective operation of a chlorine dioxide generator requires continuous coordination of multiple reagent addition rates and steam heating rates in order to maintain safe and stable operating conditions. Any deviation from design operating conditions can lead to side reactions (waste of reagents), poor product strength, and potentially dangerous scenarios. This is a complex task for even the most skilled operators, who must constantly manage the addition of multiple reagents and steam heating rates under dynamic reaction conditions.

Spartan Control’s Advanced Chlorine Dioxide Generator Control & Optimization strategy provides a comprehensive approach to automatically manage ClO2 generation, maximize reaction efficiency, and ensure safe and stable operating conditions are maintained. Spartan’s solution utilizes a model-based multivariable control strategy in order to effectively coordinate reactant feed rates and steam heating rates in order to achieve the target production in the most safe, stable and efficient manner possible. Improved stability of the ClO2 generator provides not only significant safety improvements and equipment robustness, but also directly results in reagent cost savings. By operating the generator at designed operating conditions (which include specific generator content concentrations and level), reaction efficiency can improve by as much as 5% due to the decreased formation of undesirable side-reaction byproducts.

Previous Chlorine Dioxide Generator Control & Optimization solution implementations in Northern British Columbia have resulted in customer reagent cost savings of over $330,000/y.

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