Steam Turbine Controls

A key factor in maximizing plant availability is efficient turbine operation and as older turbines operate beyond their original life expectancy, better control is a necessity. Accurate control and monitoring of turbine processes extends life cycles and protects plant generation to meet power demands. 

Spartan has the ability to retrofit turbines from leading manufacturers, improving their availability and reliability. Emerson’s Ovation steam turbine controls, supplied by Spartan, offer many advantages including a clear and concise view of key turbine parameters, various protection schemes and seamless, fully coordinated turbine and boiler control.

Ovation’s specialized I/O modules for speed detection and valve position provide additional protection against turbine failures and the built-in redundancy and self-diagnostics increase reliability, reducing expensive system downtime. 

The Ovation™ distributed control system was designed from the ground up to help commercial power generation and water and wastewater facilities achieve operational excellence and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

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