Steam System Control

As power generating facilities swing their output to meet varying demand, they place additional requirements on the turbine bypass valves. The bypass function requires valves to quickly and accurately change load on the turbine during startup, emergency or clean-up situations. 

Turbines and boiler tubes are generally amongst the single highest cost assets within a power generation facility, and for this reason, these assets must be protected from operation outside the normal process operating conditions in terms of temperature and pressure.  During startup, or turbine trip conditions, steam turbines require the use of the main steam bypass systems to protect equipment from thermal shock or second phase flow.

Fisher’s steam conditioning valves, supplied by Spartan, allow for efficient turbine bypass for startup by reducing pressure and temperature of the bypass steam in a single device. Improve lifetime cost savings, increase efficiency, and avoid turbine trips and unplanned down time by utilizing Spartan’s steam system control solution. 

The Fisher E-body globe control valve family has industry leading technical features and can be configured to handle virtually any challenging process condition.
The Fisher D4 control valve is a rugged, compact globe valve designed primarily for high pressure throttling applications using either pneumatic or electric actuation. This valve is ideal for high pressure flow control applications utilizing throttling or on-off control. The D4 is available in NPS 1 and 2 inch connections, from NPT up to CL900/1500 raised face and ring-type-joint flanges.
The Fisher EH series is specifically designed for high pressure applications. The valve configuration uses proven techniques to allow for higher capacities and create reliability in sever applications. The EH line is available in various valve sizes and end connections.
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