Sootblower Controls

Efficient plant operation is the key to generating low cost power while producing profits. Accumulation of residue deposits formed by condensed sodium and potassium fumes and carryover on the tube surface in steam generators severely reduce heat transfer efficiency. Constant buildup of such material also leads to fouling and plugging of flue gas passages. 

Spartan’s sootblower control solution aids in controlling the amount of fireside soot deposit on the boiler tube surface, allowing for increased heat transfer and improved overall plant performance. Additionally, increased boiler efficiency is achieved by maintaining heat transfer between flue gas and boiler tubes, economizers, and superheaters.

This solution contains easy to modify blowing sequences used to avoid tube erosion, increase heat rate, reduce the negative impacts of NOx and force load reductions. Get a quick return on investment by reducing your heat rates and the amount of forced outages with Spartan’s sootblower control solution. 

The Ovation™ distributed control system was designed from the ground up to help commercial power generation and water & wastewater facilities achieve operational excellence and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Fisher D4 control valve is a rugged, compact globe valve designed primarily for high pressure throttling applications using either pneumatic or electric actuation. This valve is ideal for high pressure flow control applications utilizing throttling or on-off control. The D4 is available in NPS 1 and 2 inch connections, from NPT up to CL900/1500 raised face and ring-type-joint flanges.

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