Heater Drain Control

In a heater drain system, flashing fluids can cause erosion damage to control valves and associated piping which leads to trim failure and therefore high maintenance costs. Additionally leakage and poor heat transfer in heaters results in production inefficiencies. 

Spartan Controls’ heater drain control solutions utilize WC9 body material and hardened trims to reduce flashing damage and mitigate the risk of higher operation costs. This leads to longer life and higher reliability of your valve.

Additionally, this solution applies high force actuators and ANSI class V shutoff to eliminate leakage on emergency drains, leading to increased efficiency and decreased safety risk.

To improve accuracy, gain better level control and improve heat transfer, speak to a Spartan representative.

Fisher EW series easy-e valves feature large internal cavities with expanded end connections and a variety of unbalanced and balanced plug designs.
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