Electrical Control & Monitoring System

Power required by an industrial plant is provided by in-plant generators and supplemented by power bought from the national grid. 

Emerson’s Ovation Electrical Control and Monitoring System (ECMS) automates substation control and can be used to satisfy power and steam demands, or to maintain stable generating conditions when sites experience electrical disturbances.

The ECMS provides functionality for data acquisition, display, history collection, alarming, and reporting. Additionally, it includes applications for tie-line power monitoring, tie-line control, generator load control, optimization of steam and power production, performance calculations, breaker control, and much more.

The Emerson ECMS system responds precisely to electrical disturbances to help plants meet their energy requirements efficiently. Improve the safety and life of plant equipment while minimizing the cost associated with purchasing fuel and power by utilizing Spartan’s ECMS solution. 

The Ovation™ distributed control system was designed from the ground up to help commercial power generation and water & wastewater facilities achieve operational excellence and create a sustainable competitive advantage. 

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