Fire & Gas Detection

Tank fires, while rare, represent a significant threat due of the amount of fuel each tank contains. Storage tank fires are often caused by static electricity from fuel being loaded or unloaded from the tank too quickly or from lightning strikes. In Alberta, lightning strike frequency can average one strike/square kilometer per year in many industrial areas.

Fires often occur at the flexible seal between the floating roof and the side of the tank. The Det-Tronics X3301 flame detector is the ideal solution for this challenge as it is extremely false alarm resistant and has the ability to detect a small 1ft x 1ft fire over 200 feet away. Spartan has over 1,000 Det-Tronics X3301 flame detectors installed in storage tank applications in Western Canada.

Traditional point detectors are not practical for covering large areas, fence line monitoring or for monitoring gas leaks that are crossing from one area of the plant to another. Open path detectors such as the Det-Tronics FlexSight™ LS2000 Line-of-Sight Infrared Gas Detectors are uniquely suited for these applications. Spartan offers open path solutions for mixed hydrocarbon gases or pure methane, toxic gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), ammonia, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) or combinations of toxic and hydrocarbon in the same detector.

The X3301 Multispectrum IR Flame Detector uses signal processing algorithms, supported by an embedded 32-bt microprocessor, to provide continuous protection in the presence of false alarm sources where hydrocarbon fires and infrared radiation may exist. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications that require the highest level of false alarm rejection and fire detection performance.

The PointWatch Eclipse® Model PIRECL IR Hydrocarbon Gas Detector is our most rugged stainless steel, point infrared gas detector. It is approved to be factory calibrated to detect methane, propane, ethylene, and butane. The Eclipse goes above gas detection to life-safety control.

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