Pressure Control

Optimize your pipeline integrity with our digital nitrogen pressure control system – the SurgeVueTM 2000


Preventing over-pressure in pipelines is critical to safe operations and to maximize pipeline capacity.

Rapid and large pressure surges can occur due to sudden changes in flow caused by starting, stopping or tripping of pumps, opening or closing of valves, and emergency shutdowns (ESDs). Uncontrolled surge events can lead to safety hazards for personnel and the environment, equipment damage and increased maintenance, interrupted product delivery, cleanup costs and fines, pipeline capacity reductions and negative public relations.

Liquid pipelines typically use fast-acting surge relief valves that are loaded with nitrogen to control the setpoint of the relief valve. The need for surge protection and the demand for increased product capacity requires that the nitrogen pressure be maintained within tight limits, often close to the maximum allowable operating pressure of the pipeline. 

The SurgeVueTM 2000 was developed to meet the increasing demands of industry for a more accurate and reliable loading system for liquid pipeline surge relief control valves. It consists of an electronic pressure controller, colour touchscreen HMI, digitally-controlled solenoids valves, a single stage high-pressure letdown regulator, flow metering valves, pressure relief valves, high-pressure nitrogen gas supply cylinders and plenum cylinders, all installed within a heated and insulated NEMA 4 cabinet, certified for Class 1, Zone 2 hazardous area locations.


  • Very high accuracy:  +/- 0.5 psig pressure control using advanced PID algorithm
  • Digitally adjustable setpoint and deadband
  • Wide operating pressure range
  • Simple operation & configuration using colour touchscreen operator interface
  • Very low nitrogen consumption: 6-12 month life for each nitrogen supply cylinder
  • High reliability using redundant high cycle-life solenoid valves
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostic capability
  • Advanced alarming and alarm history collection
  • Real-time and historical trends
  • Historical data collection & exporting
  • -40°C to 60°C operation
  • Class 1, Zone 2 hazardous area classification
  • Fully insulated and heated enclosure

Choose an accurate and reliable system

Minimize nitrogen consumption and maintenance requirements

Protect your people, environment, and critical assets


SurgeVueTM Whitepaper


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