Quality Measurement

Crude oil production must meet specific density, viscosity and water cut specifications for customer transfer defined by pipeline companies. Not meeting these conditions prior to shipping can lead to significant reprocessing fees and operation down time. 

Spartan’s complete solution enables accurate compliant measurement using a quality skid to ensure crude oil quality meets or exceeds all required process conditions before shipment leaves the facility or custody transfer point. Micro Motion’s densitometer provides high accuracy density measurement and can achieve accuracies of 0.0002 g/cc which exceeds crude oil quality requirements. Micro Motion DVS viscometer probe offers a wide viscosity range to accurately measure upset conditions where over or under blending may have occurred. Spartan provides improved water cut measurement accuracy though their patented density compensated water cut measurement. Minimize operational risk and operating costs with Spartan’s solutions.

Watercut analyzers are in-line, real-time instruments that measure the percentage of water in hydrocarbons and are used in applications such as process control on test separators, fiscal metering, on- and offloading, export metering, desalting in refineries, and more.
Accurate liquid density measurement in custody transfer, blending and concentration applications is critical to limit financial and productivity risks. Emerson’s Micro Motion Compact Density Meter reduces your system integration and set-up costs and incorporates a new meter health diagnostic called Known Density Verification (KDV), which minimizes your maintenance burdens.
The Rosemount 644 offers a flexible and reliable solution to any temperature measurement need. As a highly accurate transmitter that comes in either HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA communication protocols, as well as head mount, field mount, or rail mount form factors, the Rosemount 644 is designed to meet your most demanding applications.
With its scalable platform delivering integrated pressure, DP flow and DP level solutions, the Rosemount 3051S Series of Instrumentation is the industry’s premier measurement choice.
Fisher has created a slurry valve designed specifically to handle the abrasive and erosive nature of oil sands and mining slurry flow. The V150S utilizes reverse flow design to direct flow away from the valve body. The downstream portion of the valve has been extended so that the valve itself will be exposed to the region of highest flow velocity, instead of the downstream piping.
With the Micro Motion FVM you get a direct insertion multi variable device that is ideal for bypass loops and tanks. With a single insertion device you can get Viscosity Density and Temperature. Add to that our latest generation software platform and you truly have an industry leading solution.

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