Early Batch Detection

Pipeline companies ship multiple liquids in batches on the same pipeline and rely on batch detection to monitor the movement of these fluids. The batch detection and switching point may be at the start, middle or end of the transitional fluid and requires responsive and accurate density measurement for operational control.

Rosemount’s Micro Motion Coriolis meter and Densitometer or Berthold Technologies’ non-contacting densitometer provides in line measurement and a combined flow reading which is common for large pipelines to realize low capital costs. Berthold’s non-contacting densitometer provides non-intrusive measurement and clamps on the outer wall of the pipeline, offering a maintenance-free solution which can be easily installed on existing pipelines without process down time.

Accurate liquid density measurement in custody transfer, blending and concentration applications is critical to limit financial and productivity risks. Emerson’s Micro Motion Compact Density Meter reduces your system integration and set-up costs and incorporates a new meter health diagnostic called Known Density Verification (KDV), which minimizes your maintenance burdens.
Micro Motion
With Emerson’s Micro Motion Fork Density Meter you get fast-response, direct insertion density and concentration measurement that is capable of being installed in pipelines, bypass loops and tanks as well as an innovative new integral transmitter. Flexible in its communications capabilities, this new transmitter can be factory pre-configured to your specific application and reduce your system integration and set-up costs.
With the Micro Motion FVM you get a direct insertion multi variable device that is ideal for bypass loops and tanks. With a single insertion device you can get Viscosity Density and Temperature. Add to that our latest generation software platform and you truly have an industry leading solution.
ROC 800L
Emerson’s ROC800L is a flexible yet easy to configure powerful flow computer that utilizes the well-known and reliable ROC800 platform. The ROC800L is capable of measurement and control of six liquid and six gas meter runs in a single flow computer. It is able to complete calculations for API Groups A, B, C, D, and E as well as custom liquid calculations when physical characteristics of the products are known.

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