Pipeline Operations & Control

Data integrity and uptime are essential for operating in complex networks. Data must flow seamlessly to 3rd party databases, historians, accounting packages and asset management systems.
The OpenEnterprise system provides users with a complete solution, from the wellhead to the control room to the web, and is a single source of information for operational, engineering and business users. OpenEnterprise provides a unified approach towards improving business efficiency by enabling the transformation of SCADA data into unlocked information that can span across an organization truly making it a vital part of the business process.
Open Enterprise
OpenEnterprise™ is Emerson Process Management’s leading-edge SCADA host built for Oil & Gas production, distribution and transmission applications. The 20 years of experience behind this product has helped shape it into a user-friendly platform built for remote mission-critical applications where data integrity and uptime are essential for operating over complex communication networks.

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