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Actuators are used to automate valves located on gas transmission pipelines, often travelling hundreds of miles through remote areas where there are no low pressure instrument air or high pressure hydraulic supply lines available. The gas/hydraulic actuators operate using pressurized gas from the pipeline as its power source, requiring reliability and safety features built into the valve operator system. Bettis gas over hydraulic actuators provide a safe means of control in any climate or terrain and operate with torques of up to 6,000,000 lb in and thrusts to 650,000 lbs to provide reliability for the highest pipeline pressure.

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Bettis Gas Hydraulic or High-Pressure Pipeline Pneumatic Valve Actuators automate valves on gas transmission pipelines, where there are no pneumatic or hydraulic supply lines available. Actuators are available in and can be supplied with practically any required control system including remote control and line break systems. Also known as Gas over Oil actuators.

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Whether it is a large bore API 6D application or a high temperature, high pressure steam application the engineers at Orion work with clients to customize the valve and resolve all of the challenges with the process. From pipeline systems to LNG facilities Orion and their internal engineering team will provide a high quality valve solution tailored to your specifications.

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