Isolation Valves

Turbines and large reciprocating compressors move large volumes of gas at high pressure down the transmission lines.  The isolation of these compressors and turbines is essential for maintenance or shutdown, in the event of an emergency is required for safe process control. Correct isolation valve selection is important to deliver zero-leakage tight shutoff to prevent any damage to equipment and provide safety for maintenance workers.

Our experts have over 25 years of experience of selecting the appropriate valve and actuator technology for your pump isolation valve applications. Our isolation valve solutions offer many options for from both manual and actuated control valve packages. We can provide a variety of valve options including high integrity Omni expanding plug valves, Orion compact expanding wedge gate valves and KTM Virgo Series double block and bleed ball valves suitable for product isolation. Our EIM electric actuated valve package is designed specifically for your process to minimize downtime and provide a safe and reliable system.

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KTM Virgo Series manufactures ball valves from 1/2" to 60" in pressure classes ANSI 150 to 2500. The product line includes floating ball valves, trunnion mounted ball valves, metal seated ball valves, and high temperature and cryogenic valves in a wide range of materials.
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The OmniSeal valve product is designed for safety of both workers and equipment by meeting the strict definitions of DBB in the oil and gas industry. With both full port and reduced port configurations the valve is used almost exclusively in metering and custody transfer applications in liquid pipeline services. With the valves inherent zero leakage characteristic it is a great fit where contamination and mixing of products is unacceptable.

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