Non Intrusive Temperature Monitoring

During the secondary upgrading process, sulphur is in liquid form when removed from the bitumen. Sulphur needs to be kept tightly temperature controlled as it solidifies if the temperature drops too low. Reheating can return it to liquid form but over heating leads to crystallization which is irreversible. The lines must be taken apart manually and cleaned, creating a major shut down and capital losses.

Rosemount’s 0085 clamp on temperature sensor allows for cost effective temperature monitoring without the need to break process seal. Combined with Emerson’s wireless technology, users can measure multiple temperature points with a single transmitter without the need for wiring and cable trays. Gaining critical insight into process assets equips operators with more efficient data capture and immediate access to reliable temperature measurements with no process intrusion.

The 848T Wireless monitors up to four independently configurable RTD, thermocouple, ohm, millivolt, and 4-20 mA inputs, allowing users access to more temperature measurements without any signal wire. Increased visibility to plant operations allows for proactive maintenance and monitoring of key assets such as motor bearings that drive pumps, fans and compressors, as well as heat exchangers, tanks , reactors and boilers.

Emerson Process Management

The Smart Wireless Gateway connects WirelessHART™ self-organizing networks with host systems and data applications. Modbus communications over RS-485 or Ethernet provide universal integration and system interoperability. The optional OPC functionality from the gateway offers a means to connect to newer systems and applications while providing a richer set of data.

The Rosemount Pipe Clamp Sensor 0085 is an application and industry solution sensor that provides accurate, reliable, and stable surface temperature measurements where it is not possible to install a sensor directly into the process pipe. The pipe clam sensor is mounted directly on the pipe surface, with the RTD sensor in direct contact. The Pipe Clamp can be used to measure temperatures from -200°C to 300°C (-328°F to 572°F).

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