Low maintenance gas detection

In an area of a large oil sands facility where clean-up is performed with high pressure fire hoses, LEL detectors were susceptible to water ingress into the sensor due to high pressure water. Sensor replacement was frequent and the gas detectors were frequently not operational.

Det-Tronics PIRECL – PointWatch Eclipse Infrared based LEL detectors carry an IP 66 rating which allows them to withstand high pressure water wash down and detect gas with 60 seconds. These detectors require very little maintenance and regular calibrations required by LEL detectors have been eliminated and replaced with an annual bump test.  

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Spartan provides complete fire and gas detection systems that meet local codes and are designed for harsh environments. They can be easily integrated with DeltaV, other DCS, or plant PLC. Reduce or eliminate the need for gas detector calibration, sensor replacement, and reduce or eliminate false alarms with our advanced technology fire and gas detectors.

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