Compression Asset Monitoring

Understanding the operation of a reciprocating compressor 'live' allows for an increase in uptime and a reduction of catastrophic failures. Understanding the impacts of production and operating conditions have shown to benefit users by millions of dollars in first year of operation.

Prognost provides an automated machinery diagnostic system integrating safety protection and online condition monitoring which detects impending failures at an early stage. Accurate diagnosis and indication of extent of damage allow operators to develop proactive maintenance measures and avoid unscheduled shutdowns.

PROGNOST Systems GmbH provides specialized technology for asset performance management of reciprocating piston compressors. Operation and monitoring of these assets, which are often process-critical, occurs under extremely varying operating conditions. With high-frequency data recording, automated real-time diagnoses and self-learning damage pattern recognition, PROGNOST® systems meet industry requirements and enable the linkage of component condition data with maintenance cycles to acquire life-cycle information for efficient maintenance scheduling.

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