Optimized Diluent Recovery

Hot process and cold ambient temperatures make instrument selection very difficult and require heated enclosures and heat tracing on traditional dP level installations. Associated high maintenance costs and slow response time to process level changes in cold weather create complex and expensive challenges for operators. Rosemount's 5302 Guided Wave Radar has no moving parts, is not affected by collection of solids on the bottom of the vessel, and is very reliable in interface measurement. 

 Our Customer achieved improved naphtha interface control with an approximately 300 bbl/day decrease in naphtha sent to tailings ponds. 

Rosemount 5300 level transmitter

With over 30 years of proven radar experience, the Rosemount 5300 guided wave radar is the true leader in level and interface measurement. The 5300 has been known to have superior reliability and state-of-the-art safety features. With less need for headroom, the small packaging of the new segmented probe allows the 5300 to be installed in applications in which a solid rigid probe was deemed difficult to install in the past.

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