Upgrading is the process of converting raw bitumen into streams of high value products like diesel, kerosene, gas-oil, naphtha and crude oil. While there are several different ways for oil sands producers to perform upgrading, the process can be broken down into three distinct components: Initial Recovery, Primary Upgrading and Secondary Upgrading. Extreme processing temperatures, low ambient conditions, and the inability for precise measurement during process levels using traditional measurement techniques pose challenges for upgrading operations to reach projected target goals and maximize profitability of operational efforts. 

The initial recovery step of the upgrading process is designed to remove as much of the non-bitumen products from the process stream as possible. The recovered products are then sent to secondary upgrading while the residual bitumen stream is sent to primary upgrading for further processing. Spartan provides TUV certified Safety Instrumented Systems for protection of equipment and personnel throughout your facility. Emerson’s Guided Wave Radar Solution is ideal for difficult measurement applications, and our solution for high vibration and vortex meters is designed for improved furnace feed flows.     

There are many steps in the upgrading process for transforming cleaned bitumen into valuable synthetic crude oil. 


The Upgrading Process

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