Remote locales, adverse terrain, and extreme temperatures present mining operations with a myriad of challenges including safety hazards, environmental monitoring concerns, unpredictable downtime due to access hindrances and reliable equipment operation. An incremental loss of time can be consequential to production, impacting the economic yield of operations.

Spartan has a breadth of capabilities that address the setbacks encountered by open pit mining operations, including applications for predictive diagnostic monitoring of machinery health, asset tracking, remote dewatering, and environmental monitoring. The ability to retrieve valid, accurate data in real time, with reliable engineered stage tests performed between loads, offers the insight of machinery health for proper maintenance scheduling and outages, and the monitoring for safety and environmental requisites.

Oil Sands Mining

Did you know?

Oil sands are recovered using two main methods: open-pit mining and in situ drilling. The method depends on how deep the reserves are deposited. Approximately 20% of the oil sands lie close enough to the earth’s surface to be mined, which impacts 3% of the surface area of the oil sands region. Learn more about the oil recovery process from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP).

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