Modular Design

Modularization from an automation system perspective can delay start up and create problems in operations, and for future scalability. The risks of ending up with contrasting control systems, multiple databases, and non-standardized plant instrumentation are extremely high, and this is difficult to manage. Additionally, in this environment, and without a common automation platform, the cost of late change can be punitive if major redesign or change in the control system is required.

The DeltaV system’s electronic marshalling delivers the flexibility to add I/O anywhere in the plant without affecting the control room cabinets, while dramatically reducing material and construction costs. No re-design or re-wiring is required, and this allows for the accommodation of late project changes without adding extra costs or impacting the start-up schedule. 

Emerson Process Management
Emerson's wireless architecture and applications are designed for ease of engineering, installation, and use. They also offer a broad range of services to help you quickly get the most of wireless technology.
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