Optimized Burner Management Systems

The DeltaV SIS Burner Management System (BMS) allows for the control and monitoring of burner units. By applying the advanced control techniques inherent in DeltaV, Customers can maximize production and optimize fuel efficiency so as to ensure long-term profitability of the system.

Spartan's ability to implement tuned burner management, boiler and Once Through Steam Generation (OTSG) control optimizes steam production while reducing fuel usage and footprint, allowing Customers to achieve operational goals.

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The DeltaV SIS™ modern process safety system helps you reliably protect your assets and improve your process availability. Whether integrated with a process control system or implemented standalone, DeltaV SIS continuously monitors the status and capability of sensors, logic solvers, and final elements to perform on demand, with faults diagnosed before they cause spurious trips. 

Designed specifically for industrial process control, the DeltaV Distributed Control System (DCS) balances the benefits and open standards of commercial technologies with functionality developed for the most demanding process control applications.

The 6888 continues the tradition of integrating an oxygen probe and field electronics into a single, compact package. The probe inserts directly into a flue gas duct to measure oxygen in combustion processes. 
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