Diluent Recovery Level Measurement

In oil sands upgrading, diluent is added to bitumen to allow producers to pump, distribute and extract. Diluent is an expensive refined product and oil sands operators attempt to recycle or recover as much as possible due to the high cost. Extra diluent that is not recovered is lost to tailings or to upgrading processes, which can have a high environmental and economic impacts.

Rosemount's DP level solutions eliminate the need for heat trace and insulation. It also eliminates the measurement error caused by ambient temperature effects. This reduction of error allows for better control through accurate measurement which yields improved extraction of the diluent. Advanced technology proven to help reduce diluent waste from tailings minimizing environmental impact.

Rosemount 3051S
Eliminate heat trace on your differential pressure flow and level applications with Rosemount’s Thermal Range Expander.
The 3051S ERS system is a flexible, 2-wire HART architecture that calculates differential pressure (DP) electronically, using two pressure sensors. The pressure sensors are linked together with an electrical cable and synchronized to create a single 3051S ERS System.
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