Oil sands extraction presents operators with a number of challenging conditions to complete the process from raw product to the initial stages of refining. The extreme environmental conditions of remote locales, coupled with corrosive and eroding process fluids, is grueling for oil sands operators and equipment.  

Spartan is a strategic partner for innovation, providing measurable solutions that deliver: maximum recovery in primary extraction and froth treatment stages; reduced tailing losses, equipment maintenance and operational costs; and risk and safety mitigation. Spartan’s strategies rely on their diverse application expertise, unique technologies, and product innovation to improve economic and production benefits, while remaining environmentally conscious and regulatory compliant.

CAPP The Facts on Oil Sands  

Download the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) "Facts on Oil Sands" to learn more about the future of energy demand, how oil is a part of every day life in Canada, and how the environmental impacts of oil sands development are minimized. Click here.

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