Remote Telemetry

Emerson's ROC and FloBoss flexible product lines allow customers to standardize measurement for varying well pad sizes and composition, together with the reliability to accommodate challenges arising from expanding complex pad sites. ROC and FloBoss™ products deliver precise measurement, monitoring and local control for remote applications. 


The ROC800 Remote Operations Controller is a microprocessor-based controller that provides the functions required for a variety of field automation applications. The ROC800 monitors, measures, and controls equipment in a remote environment and is ideal for applications requiring flow computation up to 24 PID control loops, logic sequencing control, and up to 12 meter runs.

remote telemetry

Emerson’s ROC800L is a flexible yet easy to configure powerful flow computer that utilizes the well-known and reliable ROC800 platform. The ROC800L is capable of measurement and control of six liquid and six gas meter runs in a single flow computer. It is able to complete calculations for API Groups A, B, C, D, and E as well as custom liquid calculations when physical characteristics of the products are known.

floboss 107

The FloBoss 107 technology platform raises the bar for modularity, versatility, performance, and ease of use. Its configuration flexibility allows single or multi-run flow computer setup with few or many I/O points to accommodate your needs. It is the ideal measurement solution for many natural gas applications.

floboss 103

The FloBoss 103 is a cost-effective, single-run flow computer for differential-pressure metering of natural gas, housed in a compact enclosure and designed for Class 1 Div 1 hazardous areas. 

controlwave micro

ControlWave Micro breaks the price/performance barrier for small to mid-sized RTU/PLC products and adds significant scalability to the ControlWave family of controllers. ControlWave Micro evolves the capabilities of the proven ControlWave RTU into a lower priced, space-efficient package required by small to mid-sized applications. 

controlwave xfc

The Bristol ControlWave XFC is a cost-effective, competitive solution when requirements call for a chart replacement or flow computer in a compact, explosion-proof package. A Measurement Canada-approved version of the model 3820-EX is available with an approved application load. This application load is pre-installed and provides a dual meter run device. A set of pre-defined web pages provide access to each meter run configuration and history.

roc s600

The FloBoss S600+ is an industry leading flow computer with the horsepower to tackle any of your flow application requirements. The S600+ has the built in capability to store 20 separate configurations which are selectable upon boot up, and measure up to 10 flow runs while completing double precision calculations. 

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